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Jemtrade Universal Trading

Jemtrade is a company based in Europe, Afrique and International which is a new business development platform, which works with cooperatives, manufacturers and international trade suppliers who have long years of experience in the field of export with high quality and consistency products.  

Jemtrade Trade

Jemtrade gave as mission to create a new way of working in the import-export and to develop commercial opportunities all over the world and especially by strengthening the exchanges of developing countries as well in Asia, Africa and Latin America. We propose a varied range of products which are especially raw materials native of all continents of the world.


Jemtrade also has several partners and branches in Europe, Africa, Asia,  India, Malaysia, the Middle East which are structured into several commercial departments. Each department specializes in a limited range. Ensure product quality and high quality control of logistics. From conditioning and packaging to delivery in compliance with the regulations in force in the importing country.



A Few Words About Us

Jemtrade is a global Trade Center tailored for suppliers, manufacturers, exporters, import export businesses and business opportunity seekers. See our business as an opportunity and complimentary supplier’s manufacturer’s directory and international trade leads community. We maintain a relationships with our customers, basing on our expertise and profound knowledge of the international trading and the strict respect for our commitments.export with high quality and consistency products.

This Is Why

You Should Choose Us

Jemtrade is being a partner of a global opportunity network, following to our partner’s network and the appeal to the most successful tools of insurance. All the team of Jemtrade Universal Trading guarantees the control of the risks inherent to the international trade, to ally the quality of the service to the customer’s satisfaction.Africa and Latin America. We propose a varied range of products which are especially raw materials native of all continents of the world.

7+ Years of Experience in Agro alimentaire

Our international experience allows us to work on all continents with many food professionals.

We are direct Cambodian government we can deliver all agri-food and other products from Cambodia such as:

Oils from petroleum or bituminous minerals… Petroleum or bituminous mineral oils (other than crude oils); preparations n.e.s. containing >= 70% by weight of petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals and of which these oils constitute the basic element; waste oils containing mainly petroleum or bituminous mineral oils.

– Milled rice and paddy rice – cassava
– Cashew nut
– Dried corn kernels
– Fresh bananas
– Mung beans
– Pomelos
– fresh and dried mangoes
– Palm oils
– Peppercorns…


New sunflower oil supplier in South Africa.

And we always work internationally with the best suppliers to bring you the best services and the best price for food and industrial products. sugar, refined or crude sunflower oil, Flour, Milk …

We are at your service on all continents.